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Project Druid - 2015 - Download full game for free  Here! (Rar Archive)

I always was a admirer of Commodore 64 games , it also was my first computer. Because of this I always wanted to make my own game. In 2013 I started on a remake of the game "Druid" but after a while decided to make it my own game and not a remake. And the result is Project Druid. You might notice it's not a great quality game or a AAA title. But I did my best and even got it released on Steam. Which was a great accomplishment for me. I made the game as simple and as old school as possible. 

I hope if you play it you will like it.

New Cover for the game.

Project Druid
Game Intro
Passage-1 editing
Level-3 Screen shot
Passage L5
Level-2 Screenshot
Level-2 Screenshot
GAme over
Level-2 Intro Tr
Level-5 Intro En
The final Passage
The cover for my game 

Just click on the picture  to download the full cover as JPG file

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