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Jim's Toolbox  V3.0 : A little tool to install software and change settings after a fresh Windows Install.

This was written for Windows 10 and 11.

  From installing software in batch, to system tools to fix Windows, registry hacks, links to useful free software,

  network tools, catalogue of Windows Errors, GOD mode for Windows and more. Just click on "Click for help" on the end of the          programs page for the help file with explanation about all the functions. Enjoy.

Re-sizer v1 : This is a small tool to resize picture files and convert them to BMP

SMTP Tester : A small program to test SMTP mail sending

Age Calculator : A very small program to calculate the age .

 Note : This software is written in C# on Visual Studio 2022 and needs NetFramework 4.8 and Microsft Edge.

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